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Lightspeed Research launches new mobile panels

14 August, 2007

Lightspeed Research, a leading global interactive data solutions provider, today announced the launch of an advanced research solution delivering consumer surveys via mobile devices in Great Britain and Australia. The mobile research service offers clients the ability to conduct highly targeted surveys — capturing data with virtual immediacy from respondents fitting the selected profile and location.

Lightspeed Research introduces the next generation of interactive research to reach active consumers via mobile. The new mobile service provides marketers the ability to capture both consumer responses to surveys and user-generated images from mobile camera phones, to receive timely feedback on time-sensitive or event-based research questions.

Lightspeed Research’s developers and researchers have invested in extensive testing to ensure they understand the strengths of and most appropriate applications for this very new platform. As a result, they have now created a best practice approach for clients. The new mobile panels offer the same high quality as Lightspeed Research’s proprietary online panels, delivering equally targeted, deep-profiled data. Demographic information that can be combined with the mobile survey data includes media consumption, car ownership, health and well-being, sports and leisure, business, and financial services.

Anne Hedde, President and Group CEO commented: "This is the first step in launching our global mobile offer, with plans to expand into the US and other countries in Europe and Asia Pacific over the next few months. With better access to consumers on the go, we can provide valuable, and sometimes immediate, insights — capturing experiences, behaviours and attitudes at very relevant points in time."

David Day, CEO Europe said, "We’re really excited to launch our first mobile panels in Great Britain and Australia. Mobile phone research is ideal for understanding consumer opinions and attitudes outside of the home or around specific events. The addition of respondents submitting photos, whether adverts they have seen or even the contents of their fridge, enables us to bring clients really close to their respondents. We see a huge number of applications in media, brand management and commerce."

Background Research on Research

Lightspeed’s Research on Research program extensively tested the Great Britain, Australian and North American mobile panels. Their goal was to ensure the mobile research platform meets the exacting quality standards applied across the company’s global online panels.

These studies examined the response to mobile phone research and feasible applications to conduct via mobile. Lightspeed’s Research on Research initiative continually investigates the best practices of online and mobile panels to ensure the company’s research offer always meets the highest standards.

Lightspeed carried out one of these tests during the halftime break in the European Champion’s League final in May. The company invited panel members to participate in the mobile survey and asked questions about their locations, predictions for the match, and awareness of key event sponsors. The results showed the enormous potential for time and event-based research. Lightspeed received 60% of completed surveys during the brief halftime break and 90% within an hour of going live. Significantly, 50% stated they were watching the game, of which 21% were out of their homes (such as at friends’ or in a bar). The survey also asked questions about which brands of beer they were consuming.

Last month’s Live Earth global series of concerts set the stage for another test. Lightspeed sent mobile surveys at prime time on the day of the concerts to panellists in Australia, Great Britain, and the US. The survey probed people’s perception of the event, its impact on their behaviour, and awareness of event sponsors. Again, response rates were very high, as Lightspeed received the majority of responses within an hour of sending the survey.

Finally, Lightspeed Research tested proprietary software allowing respondents to submit photos via MMS linked directly to their responses.

The pilot project’s findings suggested the mobile phone research approach is best suited for short surveys, particularly when researching younger consumers during events or on the go.

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