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Fortune magazine publishes Landor study

12 September, 2006

For the second consecutive year, Landor Associates is proud to announce the exclusive publication of its Breakaway Brands Study in FORTUNE magazine’s September 18th issue, now available on newsstands and at

The 2006 study identifies the ten brands with the greatest percentage gains in brand health and business value as a result of superb brand strategy and execution over a three-year period, 2002-2005.

The ten brands are:

• iPod – Consumer Electronics
• Viking – Major
• Converse – Athletic Shoes
• Robitussin – Cough & Cold
• Best Buy – Electronics Retail
• Kohl’s – Department Stores
• French’s – Condiments
• Geico – Insurance
• Dove – Personal Care
• eBay – Online Auction

Landor’s commitment to helping clients manage brand-led business transformation drove the development of the Breakaway Brands Study in 2005; the only one of its kind, this study analyzes brands according to changes in business value due to measurable improvements in brand performance. The study’s findings are integrated, being equally grounded in consumer perception and financial data, and instructive, highlighting the link between changes in brand strategy and the value of the company.

“Because the Landor Breakaway Brands Study is founded upon the world’s most respected and comprehensive database of brands, we have great confi dence in the rigor of our approach,” explained Hayes Roth, Chief Marketing Offi cer of Landor Associates. “More importantly, however, this study measures the tangible impact successful branding can have on brands large and small and that’s learning from which every organization can benefit.”

Landor’s strategic experts conducted additional analysis of the ten brands and found that each enhanced their dialogue with customers by embracing one or more of the following trends:

Building on a foundation of trust
This year’s brands earned their customers’ confi dence by living up to their promises; in turn, their customers trusted and followed the brands as they diversifi ed and moved into new spaces.

Cultivating brand communities
Leadership brands capitalize on the basic need for human connection by allowing enthusiastic customers to borrow the brand image to express a collective voice: the voice of a brand community.

Empowering customers with knowledge
The ten brands in this year’s list are arming their customers with information; by proactively educating customers, a brand can better manage its image and get valuable feedback in return.

Siobhan Perdue, Vice President, BrandEconomics® said, “Thanks to new technologies and innovative thinking, brands are moving across spaces and categories very quickly, making it more challenging than ever before to track their financial performance. We believe this study to be the best at measuring the value created by successful brand investment, thus reflecting the power of effectively leveraging brand management at every level.”

Five brands to watch are also featured in the study. Curves (health clubs), Tampico (fruit drinks), Blue from American Express (credit cards), Cole Haan (shoes) and Hennessey (spirits) showed the greatest gains in brand strength in the last year.

NOTE: A summary presentation of the study is available to members of the media upon request.

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