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WPP companies negotiate Castrol's global sponsorship with UEFA EURO 2008™

21 November, 2006

Castrol has finalised a sponsorship agreement with UEFA to become an Official global Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2008™.

The association with football is a powerful one for Castrol in offering both a strong business logic as well as re-enforcing the brand’s values and positioning.

The connection with an event such as UEFA EURO 2008™ provides a route to a mass football target audience that overlaps strongly with the brand’s 45 million customer and consumer base. It is a platform which allows Castrol to communicate with this audience across Europe and internationally reflecting its position as a pre eminent global brand.

This significant move also provides Castrol with the opportunity to develop a point of competitive differentiation and excitement. The partnership with UEFA EURO 2008™ provides a showcase to project the brands values of passion, technical progress, performance and teamwork that it shares with football.

Roy Williamson, European Marketing Director, said,” Our new relationship with football via UEFA EURO 2008™ will give Castrol the opportunity to develop business building opportunities in a way that will add value to our business partners, excite and reward our consumers and motivate staff.” He continues, “Expect Castrol to be innovative. Our intention is to bring something completely new to the football experience in a way that adds value, and informs and engages fans. Our commitment as a new sponsor is to be a partner to football in a way that enhances still further the incredible 2008 UEFA European Championship experience and spectacle.”

Lars-Christer Olsson, UEFA CEO, said, “We welcome Castrol as a new sponsor to our global family supporting the UEFA European Football Championship™. The addition of Castrol proves what a strong property the UEFA EURO™ has become in the global sports market. It is the second biggest sporting event globally in terms of TV viewers and continues to attract massive participation and involvement from fans and non-fans alike, drawn to the drama and excitement that comes with top national team football.”

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