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Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide takes honors at Asia Pacific awards

17 November, 2006

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide took honors in 13 of 22 relevant categories in the 2006 PR Week Awards for Asia Pacific, accumulating a total of 15 honors and outscoring all other agencies.  In two categories, Ogilvy PR won both first and second place honours.  Additionally, the Ogilvy PR team supported the entry of its client Lenovo for an in-house team category and also won that award.

“Once again, the power of great storytelling that drives a strong business outcome distinguished Ogilvy PR,” remarked Christopher Graves, President & CEO Asia Pacific for Ogilvy PR.  “From empowering the unconnected in rural India, to high-tech gaming in Australia; from logistics in Hong Kong, to driving foreign investments in Thailand, the insights-driven work of Ogilvy PR shone through.”

Marcia Silverman, global CEO of Ogilvy PR pointed out the breadth of the work as well. “It runs from consumer marketing to public affairs, and from internal employee communications to healthcare. This is creative work born of big ideas from Ogilvy PR people collaborating worldwide, and work that delivers a big impact on our clients’ businesses.”  And those businesses run the gamut-- from logistics giant UPS, to tech consulting leader IBM, to tea for Unilever or Xbox for Microsoft.

Ogilvy PR, using its trademark “Insights, Ideas, & Influence” methodology took innovative approaches to public relations including creating a book (“Savour the Blue”) for and by IBM employees in China that featured personal observations, poetry and drawings to help build a corporate culture. In Australia, the team had an impact on language itself while building a buzz around Microsoft Office software. They instigated a public vote about which colloquial, unique “Aussie Words” should be enshrined in the official dictionary in Microsoft Office 2007. “The exhilarating part is the ability to help our clients move beyond the old school approach of PR as just events and press relations,” said Graves. “When you have clients that let you create literature or shape linguistic history, that’s more rewarding for everyone."

Awards Won by Ogilvy PR Asia Pacific:

Ogilvy PR won the top award in these five campaign categories,:

Corporate & Public – Corporate Communications (Top Award)
Campaign: ‘”Plural Power to Rural India”: Bringing the World Home to Rural India
Client:  Amararaja Batteries
Agency: Ogilvy PR India
Judges’ notes: The campaign, conceived by Ogilvy PR, set out to empower India’s rural population by providing quicker and more streamlined access to valuable information, and promoting social and economic transformation in villages through the effective use of information technology.

Corporate & Public – Corporate Publications (Top Award)
Campaign:  ‘Savor the Blue’: Promoting A Positive Shift In Values at IBM
Client:  IBM Greater China Group
Agency: Ogilvy PR Beijing
Judges’ notes: ‘Savor the Blue’, a bilingual book would personify and humanise the IBM values, revealing how the average ‘IBMer’ lived and worked on a daily basis. The campaign received overwhelming feedback, with a positive impact on the culture of the company.

Product & Promotion – Marketing Communications: Consumer (Top Award)
Campaign: What’s your Personalitea?  
Client:  PT Unilever Indonesia
Agency:  Ogilvy PR, Indonesia
Judges’ notes: A strategy based on a theory of “The four temperaments” where personalities can be categorised and aimed to build a social and emotional connections between consumers and their peers, linking them to the various personalities they encounter each day, helping them make emotional connections with the people in their daily lives.

Product & Promotion – Marketing Communications: Business (Top Award)
Campaign: UPS “Deliver More” With Asia Business Monitor
Client:  UPS
Agency: Ogilvy PR, Hong Kong
Judges’ notes: Ogilvy PR’s campaign on behalf of UPS Singapore has made major inroads and lessened competition by establishing a foothold with the region’s small and medium enterprises

Product & Promotion – Technology (Top Award)
Campaign: Aussie Words
Client:  Microsoft Australia
Agency: Howorth Communications Australia
Judges’ notes: The creativity lay in involving Australian end-users in the product development with a well thought out strategy at each phase of the campaign.

Professionals of the Year. Ogilvy PR personnel scored wins in both categories:

Danny Phan, Ogilvy PR Head of Office in Ho Chi Minh City, won the award for Young PR Professional of the Year

Christopher Graves, Ogilvy PR Asia Pacific CEO won runner-up for PR Professional of the Year

Ogilvy PR supported its client Lenovo in entering this category:
Gold Award:  Private Sector Department of the Year
Department: Corporate PR Team, Brand Communications
Client:  Lenovo Greater China

Ogilvy PR won seven certificates of excellence and one honorable mention:

Corporate & Public – Public Sector (Certificate of Excellence)
Campaign: ‘Thailand of Investment: Where Success Stories Begin’
Client:  Thailand Board of Investment
Agency: Ogilvy PR Thailand

Corporate & Public – Not for Public (Certificate of Excellence)
Campaign: ‘Who Cares?’
Client:  Carers Australia
Agency: Parker & Partners, Australia

Corporate & Public – Internal Communications (Certificate of Excellence)
Campaign: ‘Giving Change a Personality’
Client:  Nestle Australia
Agency: Impact Employee Communications Australia

Product & Promotion – Technology (Certificate of Excellence)
Campaign: Xbox 360: The Game Has Changed
Client:  Microsoft
Agency: Pulse Communications Australia

Product & Promotion – Marketing Communications: Consumer (Certificate of Excellence)
Campaign: Tooheys New “Afternoon Off” Campaign
Client:  Lion Nathan Australia
Agency: Pulse Communications

Specialist & Technique – Public Affairs (Certificate of Excellence)
Campaign: Emirates: A Friend of Australia
Client:  Emirate Airlines
Agency: Parker & Partners Australia

Specialist & Technique – New Media (Certificate of Excellence)
Campaign: ‘Rejuvenating Chinese Volleyball’: Bringing the Game Closer to China’s Youth
Client:  Adidas (Suzhou)
Agency: Ogilvy PR, Shanghai

Specialist & Technique – Broadcast (Honorable Mention)
Campaign: ‘Walk of Life: Fighting Australia’s Obesity Battle’
Client:  National Heart Foundation of Australia
Agency: Parker & Partners Australia

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