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The Bravo Group announces the merger of Mendoza Dillon and Mosaica

21 July, 2005

The Bravo Group today announced the merger of two of its agencies: Irvine, California-based Mendoza Dillon and New York-based Mosaica. Mendoza Dillon has been a highly-visible player in the Hispanic market for 26 years, and New York-based Mosaica has been a player in the multicultural agency market since 1999.

"We're making this move to create a stronger agency resource," explained Gary Bassell, Chairman and CEO of The Bravo Group. "The merged agency is now one with a bi-coastal presence and a deeper bench of resources for our client partners. Many of the clients now will benefit from greater proximity to an agency office and all of the clients will now have more immediate access to the Group's expanded marketing units: retail and promotional marketing and one-to-one marketing."

The new agency is now in a position to better serve its clients from the nation's two most ethnic-dense marketplaces, Los Angeles and New York. Hispanic marketing services will continue to be the core offering of the agency, but it will also offer full multicultural services to those clients in need of them. In recent years, Mendoza Dillon had increasingly been using its MD acronym as its identity, so the newly-merged agency will begin with the name of MosaicaMD. An unrelated event makes news of the merger a bittersweet moment for MosaicaMD and The Bravo Group: the merger coincides with the departure of Ingrid Otero-Smart as President/COO of Mendoza Dillon. After an 18-year career at Mendoza Dillon, Otero-Smart had decided previously that the time had come to explore a wholly new career opportunity in 2005, what she described as a new chapter in her life. When discussions on a possible merger were initiated, Otero-Smart decided that the timing for its implementation would represent a good time for a smooth transition. She'll be departing from her position on July 22, 2005.

Mixed emotions are only natural at such a crossroads moment in life, and Otero-Smart described her own: "When I came to MD, I thought this would be a short California adventure, and 18 years later, I'm still loving what I do. This was not an easy decision to make, but I know it's the right one.

I'm ready for a new challenge and a new adventure, and wish my colleagues at MD only the best. We've done wonderful work together and in the process, have created strong bonds that aren't easy to sever. I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've received during my tenure here, and owe a debt of gratitude to so many partners; people I know will be friends for years to come."

"Sometimes in life you have to hit that 'refresh' button. After 18 years at MD, we fully understand why Ingrid feels the need to find a new adventure in her life," commented Bassell. "But it's not without some sadness that we see her go. Ingrid's a consummate professional, has been a valued player in the formative years of the Hispanic market and is one of the most endearing personalities in our market."

Nilda Velez, a highly-respected executive in The Bravo Group who was recently named General Manager of Mosaica, now will be at the helm of the merged MosaicaMD agency.

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