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Red Cell expands into Latin America

23 June, 2004

WPP's Red Cell Network will expand into Latin America as two of Argentina's most prominent advertising professionals, Dylan Williams and Martin Mercado, most recently of McCann-Erickson Worldwide, debut their agency called WM/Red Cell.

Williams, 49, will be general manager and Mercado, 35, will be the general creative director of WM/Red Cell, which is located in Buenos Aires. Both held similar titles at McCann, where they were known for their association with such clients as Coca-Cola, General Motors, Nestle, Mastercard, Nextel, Purina, Addidas, Carrefour and BBVA.

WM/Red Cell is the platform that enabled Red Cell to attract two of Latin America’s brightest advertising professionals to the network. It also establishes a beachhead in the region as the network continues to develop its multinational, regional and global offering to clients.

"WM/Red Cell is another critical step in the evolution of Red Cell," said chairman and chief executive officer Andy Berlin. "Red Cell values entrepreneurial spirit and creativity as the core values as we build this network into one that is an alternative to the distribution systems that most global agencies have become. Red Cell offers clients strong local creative agencies that can deliver global communications solutions. It takes special practitioners to succeed within this context. Dylan and Martin have proven they are the kind of partners who will thrive in this culture. They are perfect to spearhead Red Cell’s emergence in Latin America."

"We value the growth of Red Cell greatly," said Williams. "The blossoming of Berlin Cameron/Red Cell in New York, and the addition of HHCL/Red Cell to the network in London, signaled clearly to us that we could build our agency in Buenos Aires with the freedom we crave. But we also realized we would have access to the collaborative resources of Red Cell and WPP, which are crucial to success for clients in this day and age. It is the perfect intersection of individualism and creative collaboration that makes this network difference."

"We have had other offers, but Red Cell fits the way we see and feel things," said Mercado. "To ally ourselves with such agencies as Berlin Cameron/Red Cell, agency of the year in both Advertising Age and Adweek in the US, and HHCL/Red Cell, Campaign magazine's agency of the decade, puts us in the company we want to keep. These are people who value creative excellence, but it is the kind of creative product that delivers results for significant clients with major brands. We hope that, with the resources this alignment gives us in Argentina, we will do the same for both the clients we attract in our region and for the wider global brands, collaborating with our sister agencies in Red Cell."

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