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Mediaedge:cia & Wunderman to offer “next generation” media planning & buying

12 June, 2003

Mediaedge:cia, the global media services specialists, and Wunderman, a leading global direct marketing firm, today formally announced the merger of Wunderman’s direct media capabilities into Mediaedge:cia. It brings together the relationship marketing expertise (data analytics and measurement) of Wunderman’s direct media planning and buying unit with Mediaedge:cia’s robust media planning and buying resources.

Combined capabilities will use customer and household data and behaviours to plan media buys, and predict return-on-investment (ROI). Clients will benefit from a more neutral allocation of marketing budgets across an expanding array of media channels, including email, voice and point-of-sale channels. KnowledgeBase Marketing, a Wunderman subsidiary, will be tapped into to support the data services component, providing resources ranging from data architecture to analytics.

Further, combining short-term campaign management with long-term campaign data analytics will deliver clients actionable profitability analysis and maximum ROI. The merger is a key step in helping clients of both companies navigates the complex communication channels and disciplines.

“This unique integration of general and direct media expertise will place us at the forefront of communications planning,” says Charles Courtier, Worldwide Executive Chairman, Mediaedge:cia. “It will help build our knowledge base and understanding of how to take a more holistic approach to reaching our clients’ customers. As the media landscape continues to fragment, this is a partnership which will ultimately transform how our clients connect with their customers.”

As part of the announcement, Wunderman Media’s co-directors Sheri Rothblatt and Gary Kagawa are elevated to the position of managing partner, reporting to Mediaedge:cia Worldwide Executive Chairman, Charles Courtier.

Finally, Wunderman’s North American Media team will move into Mediaedge:cia offices, fostering a true partnership environment dedicated to delivering better knowledge, insights and results to clients. The first of this co-location has already occurred in New York, where Wunderman Media’ 85-person team has moved into Mediaedge:cia’s New York headquarters at 825 Seventh Avenue.

Commenting on the deal, Wunderman Chairman and CEO Daniel Morel said, “This deal is all about the future of one-to-one media consumption. Response-driven analytics will enable media buying to be even more targeted, while customer behavior data and classic media planning expertise will increase the returns for clients on direct-to-the-customer relationships.”

AT&T Media Director, Karen Milke added, “Wunderman Media enables the bringing together of channel and discipline neutral services under one umbrella. We’re pleased to have been a catalyst behind the initiative and continue to benefit from this partnership.”

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