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Oakley Young forms POPUNION

1 June, 2001

David Graham, CEO of Oakley Young, a WPP company, today announced the formation of the POPUNION Network, at the In Store marketing show in London. This follows a year of review of the European market and discussions with some of the leading players in the industry.

POPUNION brings together four groups with Oakley Young in the initial phase, comprising Display Factory in the Benelux and France, Synergy in Ireland, Ket 90 in Hungary and Creativity in Italy. Each group is a leading company in their own market and long time members and contributors to the development of POPAI Europe. The group turnover exceeds 30 million euros with more than 100 professionals. Additional companies are expected to join from Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, Central Europe and the USA before year-end. Their client lists cover leading brands and retailers in every sector in Europe including: Unilever, Proctor& Gamble, Ahold, Safeway, Sainsbury, Tesco, COOP, Delhaize Renault, Vauxhall , Agip, Shell, HSCB, Banca di Roma, Sony, Ericsson, Cadbury, McVities, L’Oreal, Bacardi-Martini, Seagrams, Italian Post office, Omnitel Kodak, Sara Lee to mention a few.

“Market conditions in Europe are changing as concentration and contraction continues among retailers, brand holders and the POP industry alike. The demand for multinational services is growing apace as international rollouts and central sourcing becomes more prevalent. POPUNION fulfils a clear need in the market place, and responds to the development of our business to serve our clients, providing a much broader platform and in-depth market knowledge across Europe “said Jan Staël von Holstein, chairman of Oakley Young, at the In Store marketing show. He is responsible for the development of the network, and is a retail solutions expert with many years experience throughout the UK and Europe” He adds “there are clear long term benefits to our customer��s as they expand their markets and concentrate their portfolios with a few multinational suppliers”

Pascal Libyn, managing partner of Display Factory and president of POPAI Benelux comments, “POPUNION brings together a group of professionals, with whom we have been working for a long time, and who share our ambitions to expand our business across the boarders, at the dawn of the expansion of Europe into a single market, with one currency. We have recently concentrated on expanding our research capabilities as this becomes an increasingly vital ingredient behind the creation of effective merchandising”

Alberto Pasquini, managing partner of Creativity in Italy and founder and president of POPAI Italy has pioneered the expansion of the industry in Italy and is responsible for some of the most innovative and far reaching current programs in Italy. He believes that; ”It is essential in today’s market to provide a much wider service to our local and multi-national clients. We can now bring together different talents from different countries, and be more creative and innovative locally, as well as understanding the needs and market conditions in other countries, where different cultures often demand special solutions, and of course understanding local languages customs right at the point of purchase.” Michael Jeffrey, managing director of Synergy in Ireland, and current chairman of POPAI UK and Ireland adds, “Retailers and manufacturers need a comprehensive offer today, which covers strategic marketing issues, backed by solid market research, creative solutions and effective implementation in the retail environment.

POPUNION has already combined forces in Italy, the UK and Ireland to provide solutions for highly complex total solutions for the Post office retail networks in respective countries, an arena currently going through major structural and physical changes around Europe.

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