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Impiric changes its name

1 June, 2001

Impiric, the world’s largest direct-to-customer marketing solutions company, today announced it has changed its name to Wunderman to reflect the heritage of achievement established by its founder, Lester Wunderman. The change reaffirms the direct marketing agency’s commitment to sound, fundamental marketing principles championed by Mr. Wunderman and facilitated by new technologies around Customer Relationship Management. This combination of proven wisdom and novel solutions allows the agency to transform today’s challenges, such as media proliferation, interactivity and connectivity, customer choice and consumer cynicism, into opportunities for growth.

The name ‘Wunderman’ has immeasurable worth in the direct-to-customer marketing industry.

Lester Wunderman is the acknowledged ‘father’ of Direct Marketing, a title that no other person or organization can claim. The equity attached to his name could be neither purchased nor generated quickly,” says Daniel Morel, Chairman and Global CEO of Wunderman.

Lester Wunderman co-founded Wunderman, Ricotta and Kline in 1958. The company was acquired by Young & Rubicam (Y&R) in 1973, and in 1992 merged with Cato Johnson, a sales promotion company, to create Wunderman Cato Johnson. In February of 2000, the company renamed itself Impiric.

“The ‘Wunderman’ name is still at the heart of the company and thoroughly represents not only its legacy, but also the spirit of innovation. Everywhere in the world reference is always made to the Wunderman heritage. ‘Wunderman’ generates heightened awareness in clients, consultants, and competitors,” says David Sable, Wunderman New York President and CEO.

Wunderman is the largest integrated marketing solutions company in the world, delivering customer relationship management services to clients through more than 80 offices in over 40 countries. With 4,000 employees worldwide, Wunderman combines strategic consulting, data-driven and creative marketing services, the Internet, and the latest information technologies to propel and measure business results for its clients. The network devises and deploys innovative, customer-centric marketing communications that have at their core a sound business rationale and which capitalize on the most relevant media channels—from online and e-mail advertising, through consumer promotion and events, to direct mail and DRTV. In keeping with Lester Wunderman’s distinguished heritage of innovation and excellence, Wunderman is committed to offering employees challenging professional learning opportunities that will help educate the future leaders of Direct Marketing.

Wunderman is a division of Young & Rubicam Inc., a world leader in commercial communications, representing a collaborative network of preeminent companies at the forefront of the total brand experience. Young & Rubicam Inc. comprises the fields of advertising, perception management and public relations, brand identity and design consultancy, database marketing and customer relationship management, and health care communications. Headquartered in New York, Young & Rubicam ranks among the world’s leading consolidated marketing communications companies and is a member of the WPP Group (NASDAQ: WPPGY)

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