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WPP launch Red Cell

25 January, 2001

WPP today announced the launch of Red Cell, a global communications network focusing on the needs of 'challenger' brands.

The network consolidates the capabilities of European-based Conquest, U.S. advertising agency Cole & Weber, UK-based marketing communications group Perspectives and Asia-Pacific alliance partner Batey, to form a global network of commercially strategic 'hubs'. Luca Lindner, formerly CEO of Conquest Network, has been named CEO of Red Cell.

Sir Martin Sorrell, Group Chief Executive WPP, commented, 'Globalisation and technology have resulted in the emergence of a group of global challenger brands—lean, ambitious, agile, digitally wired businesses - that demand world-wide marketing and communication capabilities. Red Cell is the first global communications network dedicated primarily to the success of these global challenger brands.'

The Red Cell network brings together over 1000 diverse talents spanning four continents and key global and challenger clients including Alfa Romeo, Aventis, Carlsberg –Tetley, Ermenegildo Zegna, Nestlé, Nikon, and Singapore Airlines. 1999 billings for the network were 1bn dollars.

Luca Lindner, CEO Red Cell added, 'Challenger brands demand a unique mix of creativity, flexibility and spontaneity. At Red Cell we have defined a creative process, they key elements of which are BrandStorm™ and The Eclectic Network™. Brandstorm, a potent mix of physical events and virtual conversations, is a unique environment in which we explore and develop strategic possibilities. The Eclectic Network™, an international club of creative innovators, including social observers, cultural leaders and media artists, is the fuel cell for the creative and delivery process.'

Red Cell will be another WPP global communications network alongside JWT, Ogilvy & Mather, and Young and Rubicam.

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