Spam Spam Spam Spam: The Case for Relationship Marketing

Spam Spam Spam Spam, by Simon Silvester

by Simon Silvester (Wunderman)

In a world where consumers receive 3,000 commercial messages a day, it’s not how much you shout, but whether the consumer is listening that matters. And the people consumers listen to are the people with whom they already have relationships.

Get your users into a relationship, and suddenly marketing becomes an order of magnitude more efficient. Only one person in a hundred has a newborn baby at home nowadays. Why sell diapers to them via the blunt instrument of television, wasting up to 99% of your advertising impressions as you do?

Building a strong relationship works much better than just treating customers well. In the long term, the difference between a 90% annual retention rate and a 99% one is the difference between success and collapse in most businesses.

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Full report (pdf)
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Simon Silvester
Executive Planning Director