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It's A Broadband Life

In the second digital decade, one thing is clear: Always-on, high-speed Internet is having a quietly profound effect on how we approach our daily lives. This is the Broadband Effect. But its impact is not merely incremental, it’s transformative.

It’s a Broadband Life. There is something you (and about 70 million other consumers) know intuitively: The road to broadband is strictly one-way. No one who has high-speed access ever goes back to dial-up. Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But the reasons are more complex and more fascinating than you might think. It’s not simply for faster email and bigger files. The implications are much more far reaching. As you’re about to see, having always-on, high-speed Internet access literally transforms how people approach various aspects of their lives. Even how they use other media. This isn’t wishful thinking. It is a subtly powerful, growing trend taking place every day. And chances are, it has already happened to you.

The findings of this study illustrate a profound and undeniable sociological change in consumer behavior. And just as we said there’s no going back to dial-up, there’s no going back from where this transformation is taking things. After all, It’s a Broadband Life.

Download the full report (pdf)
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Full report (pdf)
About the author

Meridith Jamin
Managing Partner–Director, Consumer Insights