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Why BrandZ?

  • BrandZ data is validated and credible

  • BrandZ can help you:
    • Start conversations with prospective clients
    • Impress existing clients with a range of tools and potential insights
    • Provide creative inspiration

BrandZ Testimonials

“BrandZ is one of the most potent tools we have to impress on clients that we are an agency of substance, and able to extend well beyond the confines of a ‘media planning and buying’ remit”, David Fletcher, Head of Analytics and Insight, MEC

“BrandZ analysis is a must-do before we can create an engagement framework to guide creative development. There is no better way for us to uncover specific brand challenges”, Suresh Nair, Global Strategic Planning Director, Grey

“BrandZ is a super valuable tool and we and our clients get a lot of utility out of it. Without it we’d be at a severe disadvantage in a lot of situations. It’s our first port of call for new business opportunities”, Mark Truss, Director of Brand Intelligence, JWT

A Diagnostic Tool

We have asked over 2m+ consumers and professionals to explicitly compare brands within hundreds of categories in a way which allows us to understand what drives behaviour within each category.

This has enabled us to construct a diagnostic tool which can be used to guide marketing decisions, help companies increase the return on their brand investments and stretch their brands into other sectors and countries.

By benchmarking a brand against thousands of other brands on a number of different criteria, BrandZ provides a robust diagnostic system. This reveals strengths and weaknesses on various dimensions consistent across categories, plus category-specific criteria including performance and price.