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BrandZ Top 50 - Most Valuable Indonesian Brands 2016


Indonesia’s strongest brands primed for growth

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Opportunity for domestic brands to take to regional stage

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David Roth
CEO, The Store WPP, EMEA and Asia
Twitter: davidrothlondon

It was the depth of this change, coupled with the youth, vitality and optimism of Indonesian people, that led WPP to launch our inaugural BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands ranking last year.

The pace of the country’s growth has slowed in the past 12 months due to declining demand from Indonesia’s biggest neighbors and trading partners. But we are no less excited about the opportunities for brands in Indonesia now.

GDP growth may be slower today by Indonesian standards, but GDP per head is now four times what it was in 2000. The economy is still expanding at rates that are the envy not just of more mature markets far away but also many of its regional neighbors.

This is a market that has bounced back before; its people are resilient and quick to adapt to changing circumstances. Now, the International Monetary Fund is forecasting growth rates of 5 percent in 2016 and has an even more positive outlook for the longer term.

The desire for progress among Indonesian people – which swept reformist President Joko Widodo to power in 2014 – is still evident, as is the rising wave of technology across the country. This is not just connecting people to the internet, though that is a significant shift in itself; it is also providing the means for further transformation, through web-based businesses that are innovating and disrupting established ways of working, and offering new ways of communicating and building brands.

In this study of the most valuable brands, and our analysis of what has made the strongest so successful, we see that some Indonesian businesses have used this period of economic adjustment wisely, investing in nurturing brand equity to accelerate their growth when demand rebounds.

In comparing this year’s ranking with that of a year ago, we see clear evidence that strong brands are protected from the harshest of external conditions and, over 10 years of Global BrandZ™ valuations, we have seen that the strongest brands are those that recover the fastest.

Indonesia’s strongest and most valuable brands have not only beaten the stock market indexes in terms of shareholder returns (see page 42 for details), they have also positioned themselves to take advantage of a new regional growth opportunity.

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