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BrandZ Top 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders 2017 - The hottest brands & the brands to watch

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China enters opportune time for building global brands

New report examines challenges across categories and countries

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David Roth
CEO, The Store WPP, EMEA & Asia
Twitter: @davidrothlondon

I remember my impressions when I first visited China, in the 1990s. As the marketing director for a large UK retailer I was charged with creating our China entry strategy. After months of focus groups we concluded that Chinese consumers would welcome our western brands and products. We prepared for an immense and exciting opportunity.

What a difference 20 years makes. Today, western consumers are increasingly looking to China for the newest products and brands. Brand China, formerly associated with low quality, is becoming synonymous with innovation, especially among young people. This transition is most apparent in technology, such as smart phones and home electronics.

The movement of ideas and product leadership across continents is not reversing its course. Rather, it is beginning to move in all directions, as it has throughout most of history. For these reasons, this is an opportune time for Chinese brands to reach new audiences by expanding abroad and competing with their global and local country market peers.

To realize this potential, however, Chinese brands need to overcome many challenges. First, Chinese brands are still relatively unknown outside of China, and building awareness, especially in developed markets, requires market insight and communications expertise. Second, New report examines challenges across categories and countries awareness is only the start. The messaging and media for getting consumers to consider a brand can vary significantly market-by-market.

That is why we have produced, in conjunction with Google this groundbreaking report, the BrandZ™ Top 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders 2017. We analyze consumer perceptions of Chinese and non- Chinese brands across nine product categories and seven countries. Then we identify the gaps in Chinese brand performance, and provide recommendations for building brand strength.

We based the research on WPP’s BrandZ™ database, the world’s largest, consumer-focused source of brand equity knowledge and insight, and we partnered with Google, to leverage our proprietary BrandZ™ resources with Google Surveys and Google search capability. The result is must reading for any Chinese brand owner who is considering expanding overseas or who is already overseas and contemplating the next moves.

The time is now

That’s how I’d summarize all the knowledge, original findings and insights that we packed into this report. The time is now. The winning Chinese exporters will act with boldness and speed to build valuable brands, consistent in core values and meaningfully different in each market served.

But I invite you to draw your own conclusions. I suggest first reading the introduction. It begins with an overview of key findings, continues with a historical context for China’s export experience, and concludes with 20 takeaways, practical ideas for overseas brand building. When you have more time, read through Part 2 for consumer perceptions of Chinese brands compared with global and local brands.

If you are wondering how all this knowledge and insight gets applied in the real world, go to Part 3 for our interviews with c-suite executives from six of the BrandZ™ Top 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders 2017. These confident leaders share some of the elements of their success. And they describe how the consumer perception of Brand China is changing.

For additional knowledge about China and Chinese consumers, I direct you to our library of BrandZ™ reports, including: BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2016; Unmasking the Individual Chinese Investor; The Power and Potential of the Chinese Dream; The Chinese New Year in Next Growth Cities; and The Chinese Golden Weeks in Fast Growth Cities. To download these and other BrandZ™ reports, please visit For the interactive BrandZ™ mobile apps go to

At WPP, we’re passionate about using our creativity to create and build strong, differentiated brands that deliver lasting shareholder value. To learn more about how to apply our experience and expertise to benefit your brand, please contact any of the WPP companies that contributed expertise to this report. Turn to the resources section at the end of this report for summaries of each company and the contact details of key executives. Or feel free to contact me directly.

Methodology by Kantar Millward Brown - Google - WPP