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What is the BrandDynamics Pyramid?

For each brand, each person interviewed is assigned to one level of the pyramid depending on their responses to a set of questions. The BrandDynamics Pyramid shows the number of consumers who have reached each level.

Wallet chart
  • Bonding - Rational and emotional attachments to the brand to the exclusion of most other brands
  • Advantage - Felt to have an emotional or rational advantage over other brands in the category
  • Performance - Felt to deliver acceptable product performance and is on the consumer's short-list
  • Relevance - Relevant to consumer's needs, in the right price range or in consideration set
  • Presence - Active familiarity based on past trial, saliency or knowledge of brand promise
Purchasing loyalty increases at higher levels of the Pyramid - consumers at the level of bonding are likely to be active advocates of the brand. There is also an increase in share of wallet - the proportion of consumer expenditure within the category on that brand - as you ascend the Pyramid.

The goal is to build as large a group as possible of truly loyal consumers, by sustaining a suitable relationship and increasing their loyalty to the brand.