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JWT Network Creativity
A new model for global creativity within global agency networks

William Charnock, JWT Strategic Planning NYC

What is wrong with Global Creativity?

As the world gets smaller, agencies get bigger
The unfortunate truth is that as clients rush to consolidate and agencies restructure to serve them, creativity seems to get lost in the reshuffle. In these negotiations much effort is focused on the financials of the deal. Our industry needs to put as much focus on creativity as we put into the spreadsheet calculations.

The importance of a distribution network
Global agency networks know a network is valuable in securing these global relationships. "There are just some things you can't do globally without a well-functioning global network." A network is essential for distributing creative ideas to every corner of the world. It functions to manage local clients and to translate and adapt the creative work to be as relevant and meaningful as possible in each individual market.

Lowered creative expectations
Given the complexities of global creativity and the number of people involved in the creative process, it is not surprising that most agencies shift their creative expectations on global accounts (by global accounts we mean accounts for which there is a single global agency relationship). There is no doubt that every agency wants to do the best work possible. However, the expectations of what is possible are often significantly lower than for smaller local clients.

It is time to change these expectations. Our biggest global clients should be doing our best and most creative work.

An agency's creative reputation depends on this. There is no agency in the world with a strong creative reputation that is not delivering great creative to its biggest clients.

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