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Statement Date Format
Third Quarter Trading Update 2008 October 2008 Press release5 (html) | (pdf5)
Analyst presentation5 (ppt)
Interim Results 2008 August 2008 Interim Report 20084 (pdf)
Press release4 (pdf)
Press release tables4 (pdf)
Analyst presentation4 (ppt)
Five Month Trading Update and Annual General Meeting 2008 June 2008 Press release3 (pdf)
AGM presentation3 (ppt)
AGM proxy voting report3 (pdf)
First Quarter Trading Update 2008 April 2008 Press release2 (pdf)
Analyst presentation2 (pdf)
Preliminary 2007 Year-End Results February 2008 Press release1 (commentary, UK) (pdf)
Press release tables1 (pdf)
Analyst presentation1 (pdf)
CEO CNN interview (video)

(1) Preliminary Year-End Results
(2) First Quarter Trading Update
(3) Five Month Trading Update
(4) Interim Results
(5) Third Quarter Trading Update

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