The Crescent
Georgian Crescent East, Bryanston
South Africa

(T) +27 11 797 6300
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Office Detail

Y&R Johannesburg is the powerhouse that drives both the business and company ethos across Africa.

Led by an energetic group of left brain/ right brain thinkers, the team collaborates to think in possibility to bring a unique perspective to the marketplace. Our major point of difference is the fact that we, and our partners function as a single team across all geographies, striving towards a single goal. The integration between strategy and creative sets us further apart, while we take pride in being ‘the ladies and gentlemen of advertising’.

The agency is fully empowered in both ownership and management and is ranked a Level Five black economic empowerment contributor, with a strong focus on enterprise development.

Seeing that it’s an organisation that produces ideas, rather than a tangible product, Y&R’s greatest asset is its team of ‘anti-usualists’ – the nickname for our staff who are encouraged to be super pro-active and ‘resist the usual’.

Creativity is at the centre of our universe and we believe that a great idea can come from anywhere and anyone. The goal here is to fashion an environment where everyone feels safe and free to voice their ideas. We champion the work and each other.

We’re do-ers, not talkers and we think no one, but you should get in your way. Our approach is totally results driven; we aim to exceed our clients' expectations in our work and in our relationships. Core to our way of working is strong strategic and fanatically focused thinking.

We use words like cheerleaders, motivators, innovators and dreamers to describe ourselves and think inspirational is essential. We think energy comes from the top, down and the bottom, up.

We Like Fun. This is Fun.






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