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Advertising Age ranks Wunderman as the #1 global digital agency network. Founded by Lester Wunderman in 1958, Wunderman has 170 offices in 60 countries offering Brand Experience, Consumer Engagement, Data & Insights and World Health marketing solutions. Powered by complex analytics and strategic insight, creative content engages the consumer as participant, critic, creator and champion in always-on conversations to propel growth. Best Buy, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Ford, Levi's, Microsoft, Nokia, Novartis, Telefonica and leading local and regional brands are among them. Wunderman is a member of WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY) and part of Young & Rubicam Group. For more information: www.wunderman.com.



Direct, digital, promotion & relationship marketing


Customer relationship marketing
Data services & database marketing
Direct media planning & buying
Information & insights
Interactive marketing
Web Analytics

World Headquarters

Wunderman, Corporate HQ - New York New York United States

Regional Headquarters

Wunderman, EMEA HQ - London London United Kingdom
Wunderman, Latin America HQ - Miami Miami United States
Wunderman - Singapore Singapore Singapore

Office Location Country
Actis Wunderman - Moscow Moscow Russia
Phantasia | a Wunderman affiliate - Lima Lima Peru
Rediffusion-Wunderman - Bangalore Bangalore India
Rediffusion-Wunderman - Chennai Chennai India
Rediffusion-Wunderman - Delhi Delhi India
Rediffusion-Wunderman - Mumbai Mumbai India
Wunderman - Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Wunderman - Athens Athens Greece
Wunderman - Atlanta Atlanta United States
Wunderman - Bangkok Bangkok Thailand
Wunderman - Barcelona Barcelona Spain
Wunderman - Beijing Beijing China
Wunderman - Bogota Bogota Colombia
Wunderman - Bucharest Bucharest Romania
Wunderman - Budapest Budapest Hungary
Wunderman - Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
Wunderman - Byfleet Byfleet United Kingdom
Wunderman - Cairo Cairo Egypt
Wunderman - Caracas Caracas Venezuela
Wunderman - Chicago Chicago United States
Wunderman - Cologne Cologne Germany
Wunderman - Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark
Wunderman - Coventry Coventry United Kingdom
Wunderman - Dallas Dallas United States
Wunderman - Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Germany
Wunderman - Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany
Wunderman - Guangzhou Guangzhou China
Wunderman - Helsinki Helsinki Finland
Wunderman - Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Wunderman - Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Wunderman International - Delhi Delhi India
Wunderman International - Tokyo Tokyo Japan
Wunderman - Irvine Irvine United States
Wunderman - Istanbul Istanbul Turkey
Wunderman - Jakarta Jakarta Indonesia
Wunderman - Johannesburg Johannesburg South Africa
Wunderman - Lagos Lagos Nigeria
Wunderman - Lisbon Lisbon Portugal
Wunderman - London London United Kingdom
Wunderman - Madrid Madrid Spain
Wunderman - Manila Manila Philippines
Wunderman - Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Wunderman - Mexico City Mexico City Mexico
Wunderman - Milan Milan Italy
Wunderman - Minneapolis Minneapolis United States
Wunderman - Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay
Wunderman - Moscow Moscow Russia
Wunderman - Munich Munich Germany
Wunderman - Nairobi Nairobi Kenya
Wunderman - New York New York United States
Wunderman - Panama City Panama City Panama
Wunderman - Paris Paris France
Wunderman - Prague Prague Czech Republic
Wunderman - Rome Rome Italy
Wunderman - Saint Denis Saint Denis French Overseas Territories
Wunderman - San Francisco San Francisco United States
Wunderman - Santiago Santiago Chile
Wunderman - Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil
Wunderman Seattle - Seattle Seattle United States
Wunderman - Seoul Seoul Korea (South)
Wunderman - Shanghai Shanghai China
Wunderman - Shenfield Shenfield United Kingdom
Wunderman - Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
Wunderman - Sydney Sydney Australia
Wunderman - Taipei Taipei Taiwan
Wunderman Technologies - Barueri Barueri Brazil
Wunderman - Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Israel
Wunderman Teleservices - Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany
Wunderman - Toronto Toronto Canada
Wunderman - Vienna Vienna Austria
Wunderman - Warsaw Warsaw Poland
Wunderman - Warwick Warwick United Kingdom
Wunderman - Windhoek Windhoek Namibia
Wunderman - Woking Woking United Kingdom
Wunderman - Zurich Zurich Switzerland

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