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VBAT primarily concerns itself with the development of a brand's foundations. As such it is important for us to understand our client's goals and, as required, to question and discuss those goals. We are, however, brand creators rather than marketing people. We create a visualization of the brand in the market and respect the fact that the owners of the brand are responsible for defining its marketing goals.

Both lateral and linear thinking is required to build relevant and successful brands. The output of this thinking determines the look and feel of a company, brand or product and, as such, should reflect its ambitions. At VBAT, creating brands means creating personalities, which is much more than developing a logo.

Our work method determines the foundations upon which a brand is built and identifies a brand's perception triggers. As much as possible, we blend the various communication skills into one another from the very earliest stage of a project. We are not specifically design, interactive, retail, packaging, corporate or advertising minded, but rather all six at once. Our individual skills are hereby not weakened but enhanced by the interrelated solutions which we create.

In developing our solutions, we apply tools that are genuinely unique.



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