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Ownership   Subsidiary
Status         Active

TNS advises clients on specific growth strategies around new market entry, innovation, brand switching and stakeholder management, based on long-established expertise and market-leading solutions. With a presence in over 80 countries, TNS has more conversations with the world’s consumers than anyone else and understands individual human behaviours and attitudes across every cultural, economic and political region of the world.



Data investment management


Consumer insight


Advertising and brand tracking
Brand development
Concept testing
Copy testing
Customer satisfaction
Idea generation
Marketing analytics
Marketing effectiveness
Mystery shopping
Political and social
Positioning research
Qualitative research
Segmentation research
Stakeholder and employee research

World Headquarters Location Country
TNS - Corporate HQ - London London United Kingdom

Office Location Country
Customer Equity Company - Cape Town Cape Town South Africa
Focus Suites of New York - New York New York United States
Focus Suites of Philadelphia - Bala Cynwyd Bala Cynwyd United States
NeedScope International - Auckland Auckland New Zealand
Nipo Software - Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
TNS - Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
TNS - Atlanta Atlanta United States
TNS - Austin Austin United States
TNS - Bangkok Bangkok Thailand
TNS - Barcelona Barcelona Spain
TNS - Beijing Beijing China
TNS - Bellevue Bellevue United States
TNS - Bielefeld Bielefeld Germany
TNS - Bilbao Bilbao Spain
TNS - Boston Boston United States
TNS - Bratislava Bratislava Slovakia
TNS - Brisbane Brisbane Australia
TNS - Cairo Cairo Egypt
TNS - Cape Town Cape Town South Africa
TNS - Chengdu Chengdu China
TNS - Chennai Chennai India
TNS - Chicago Chicago United States
TNS - Chisinau Chisinau Moldova
TNS - Cincinnati Cincinnati United States
TNS - Cochin Cochin India
TNS - Coruna Coruna Spain
TNS - Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates
TNS - Durban Durban South Africa
TNS - Edina Edina United States
TNS - Edinburgh Edinburgh United Kingdom
TNS - Epsom Epsom United Kingdom
TNS - Guangzhou Guangzhou China
TNS - Gurgaon Gurgaon India
TNS - Guwahati Guwahati India
TNS - Ha Noi Ha Noi Vietnam
TNS - High Wycombe High Wycombe United Kingdom
TNS - Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
TNS - Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
TNS - Horsham Horsham United States
TNS - Hull Hull United Kingdom
TNS - Indiana Indiana United States
TNS - Istanbul Istanbul Turkey
TNS - Jaipur Jaipur India
TNS - Jakarta Jakarta Indonesia
TNS - Jeddah Jeddah Saudi Arabia
TNS - Johannesburg Johannesburg South Africa
TNS - Kiev Kiev Ukraine
TNS - Kolkata Kolkata India
TNS - Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
TNS - Kuwait City Kuwait City Kuwait
TNS - Lisbon Lisbon Portugal
TNS - Lisle Lisle United States
TNS - Lucknow Lucknow India
TNS - Ludhiana Ludhiana India
TNS - Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg
TNS - Madurai Madurai India
TNS - Manchester Manchester United Kingdom
TNS - Mandaluyong City Mandaluyong City Philippines
TNS - Market Harborough Market Harborough United Kingdom
TNS - Melbourne Melbourne Australia
TNS - Memphis Memphis United States
TNS - Mexico City Mexico City Mexico
TNS - Miami Miami United States
TNS - Milan Milan Italy
TNS - Minneapolis Minneapolis United States
TNS - Moscow Moscow Russia
TNS - Munich Munich Germany
TNS - Nagpur Nagpur India
TNS - New York New York United States
TNS - Northwood Northwood United States
TNS - Norwalk Norwalk United States
TNS - Noumea Noumea New Caledonia
TNS - Orlando Orlando United States
TNS - Palo Alto Palo Alto United States
TNS - Pamplona Pamplona Spain
TNS - Patna Patna India
TNS - Perth Perth Australia
TNS - Phnom Penh Phnom Penh Cambodia
TNS - Portland, OR Portland, OR United States
TNS - Princeton Princeton United States
TNS - Pune Pune India
TNS - Quezon City Quezon City Philippines
TNS - Richmond Richmond United Kingdom
TNS - Riga Riga Latvia
TNS - Riyadh Riyadh Saudi Arabia
TNS - Rome Rome Italy
TNS - San Diego San Diego United States
TNS - San Francisco San Francisco United States
TNS - Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Spain
TNS - Sant Cugat del Valles Sant Cugat del Valles Spain
TNS - Santiago Santiago Chile
TNS - Seoul Seoul Korea (South)
TNS - Seville Seville Spain
TNS - Shanghai Shanghai China
TNS - Singapore Singapore Singapore
TNS - Stamford Stamford United States
TNS - St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Russia
TNS - Sydney Sydney Australia
TNS - Taipei Taipei Taiwan
TNS - Teaneck Teaneck United States
TNS - Tokyo Tokyo Japan
TNS - Toledo Toledo Spain
TNS - Valencia Valencia Spain
TNS - Vienna Vienna United States
TNS - Vijaywada Vijaywada India
TNS - Vilnius Vilnius Lithuania
TNS - Waltham Waltham United States
TNS - Warwick Warwick United Kingdom
TNS - West Bromwich West Bromwich United Kingdom
TNS - Wuhan Wuhan China
TNS - Yangon Yangon Myanmar
TNS - Gray's Inn Road - London London United Kingdom
TNS - Hanger Lane - London London United Kingdom
TNS - Julian Camarillo - Madrid Madrid Spain
TNS - Kebayoran - Jakarta Jakarta Indonesia
TNS - More London Place - London London United Kingdom
TNS - Santa Engracia - Madrid Madrid Spain
TNS - Sorensen - Roseville Roseville United States
TNS - Wembley - London London United Kingdom
TNS (Corporate) - Hyderabad Hyderabad India
TNS (ORSC) - Hyderabad Hyderabad India
TNS AISA - Bratislava Bratislava Slovakia
TNS AISA - Prague Prague Czech Republic
TNS Azerbaijan - Baku Baku Azerbaijan
TNS BBSS - Sofia Sofia Bulgaria
TNS BRIMA - Skopje Skopje Macedonia
TNS Canada - Bathurst Bathurst Canada
TNS Canada - London London Canada
TNS Canada - Mississauga Mississauga Canada
TNS Canada - Montreal Montreal Canada
TNS Canada - Ottawa Ottawa Canada
TNS Canada - Toronto Toronto Canada
TNS Canada - Vancouver Vancouver Canada
TNS CSOP - Bucharest Bucharest Romania
TNS Data - Guatemala City Guatemala City Guatemala
TNS Datalab - Bangalore Bangalore India
TNS Dimarso - Brussels Brussels Belgium
TNS Direct - Paris Paris France
TNS Ealing Gateway - London London United Kingdom
TNS Emnid - Bielefeld Bielefeld Germany
TNS Emor - Tallinn Tallinn Estonia
TNS Field Office - Ahmedabad Ahmedabad India
TNS Field Office - Bangalore Bangalore India
TNS Field Office - Delhi Delhi India
TNS Field Office - Hyderabad Hyderabad India
TNS Field Office - Mumbai Mumbai India
TNS Hoffmann - Budapest Budapest Hungary
TNS ICAP - Athens Athens Greece
TNS Index - Tirana Tirana Albania
TNS Index Kosova - Pristina Pristina Kosovo
TNS International - Geneva Geneva Switzerland
TNS Interscience - Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil
TNS Landis - Palm Beach Gardens Palm Beach Gardens United States
TNS Lanka - Colombo Colombo Sri Lanka
TNS Liban - Baabda Baabda Lebanon
TNS Mareco Index - Sarajevo Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina
TNS Media - Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
TNS Media - Seoul Seoul Korea (South)
TNS Media Intelligence - Moscow Moscow Russia
TNS Media Research - Moscow Moscow Russia
TNS Media Research - New York New York United States
TNS MI Expert Monitor - Warsaw Warsaw Poland
TNS Middle East and Africa - Casablanca Casablanca Morocco
TNS Operations - London London United Kingdom
TNS Opinion - Brussels Brussels Belgium
TNS Polska - Poznan Poznan Poland
TNS Polska - Warsaw Warsaw Poland
TNS Research - Bangalore Bangalore India
TNS Research - Delhi Delhi India
TNS Research - Mumbai Mumbai India
TNS Research International - Auckland Auckland New Zealand
TNS Research Surveys - Cape Town Cape Town South Africa
TNS Research Surveys - Johannesburg Johannesburg South Africa
TNS RMS - Lagos Lagos Nigeria
TNS SIFO - Gothenburg Gothenburg Sweden
TNS SIFO - Ronneby Ronneby Sweden
TNS SIFO - Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
TNS Sofres - Paris Paris France
TNS Sport - Guildford Guildford United Kingdom
TNS Telemetr - Rishon Lezion Rishon Lezion Israel
TNS Teleseker - Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Israel
TNSMI PressWatch - Hamburg Hamburg Germany
TNS-NIPO - Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Zdology - Guangzhou Guangzhou China

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