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230 Park Avenue South

New York, NY 10003-1566 United States

(T) +1 212 614 4100

(F) +1 212 598 6907

Name Title
Louisa Holland Louisa Holland
Co-CEO, the Americas
June Carnegie June Carnegie
Managing Director


Office City Country
CHA/Sentrix - Paris Paris France
Current Medical Directions - New York New York United States
HealthAnswers Education - Warren Horsham United States
Intramed Communications - Milan Milan Italy
Intramedical Health Services - Paris Paris France
IntraMed - Montreal Montreal Canada
Intramed - New York New York United States
Intramed - Sydney Sydney Australia
IntraMed - Toronto Toronto Canada
NextHealth - Milan Milan Italy
Precept Medical Communications - Warren Warren United States
Quality Matters - Warren Warren United States
Sentrix - Berkeley Heights Berkeley Heights United States
Sentrix Global Health Communications SRL - Milan Milan Italy
Sentrix - New York New York United States
S&H Consumer - New York New York United States
Sudler & Hennessey - Barcelona Barcelona Spain
Sudler & Hennessey - Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany
Sudler & Hennessey - Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Sudler & Hennessey - London London United Kingdom
Sudler & Hennessey - Madrid Madrid Spain
Sudler & Hennessey - Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Sudler & Hennessey - Milan Milan Italy
Sudler & Hennessey - Montreal Montreal Canada
Sudler & Hennessey - Mumbai Mumbai India
Sudler & Hennessey - New York New York United States
Sudler & Hennessey - Paris Paris France
Sudler & Hennessey - Shanghai Shanghai China
Sudler & Hennessey - Tokyo Tokyo Japan
Sudler & Hennessey - Toronto Toronto Canada
Sudler & Hennessy - Mexico DF Mexico City Mexico
Sudler - Sydney Sydney Australia
Transferase Consulting & Media Relations - Paris
Transferase Consulting & Media Relations - Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany
Transferase Consulting & Public Relations - London London United Kingdom