The Chocolate Factory
636 11th Avenue
New York
United States
(T) +1 212 237 7646
(F) +1 212 237 7617

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Asia Pacific
Latin America
North America

Company Detail

Ownership   Subsidiary
Status         Active

Headquartered in New York, Soho Square is a specialist marketing services company, expert in delivering integrated marketing solutions.

Soho Square taps into appropriate disciplines from WPP's global group in order to provide specialised services for its clients. This enables the agency to draw upon the extensive resources of WPP's network of over 90 marketing services companies.

Soho Square delivers cross-disciplinary work from dedicated teams spanning a full spectrum of marketing communications including brand development, strategic planning, leading creative, interactive, brand identity and extensive media capabilities.



Public relations & public affairs


Brand development
Brand identity
Strategic planning

World Headquarters

Soho Square - New York New York United States

Office Location Country
Soho Square - Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
Soho Square - Beijing Beijing China
Soho Square - Shanghai Shanghai China
Soho Square - Athens Athens Greece
Soho Square - Mumbai Mumbai India
Soho Square - Jakarta Jakarta Indonesia
Soho Square - Milan Milan Italy
Soho Square - Tokyo Tokyo Japan
Soho Square - Mexico City Mexico City Mexico
Soho Square - Karachi Karachi Pakistan
Soho Square - Warsaw Warsaw Poland
Soho Square - Singapore Singapore Singapore
Soho Square - Bangkok Bangkok Thailand
Soho Square - London London United Kingdom
Soho Square - San Francisco San Francisco United States

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