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Regional Offices

Middle East
Asia Pacific
North America
Latin America

Company Detail

Ownership   Subsidiary
Status         Active

Mindshare is a marketing and media network with imagination and technology at our heart. We use our unique open sourced approach to partnership and wide-ranging expertise to transform marketing challenges into tangible business results.We navigate change and create valuable consumer exchanges for brands to deliver competitive advantage to our clients. Our network consists of 115 offices in 82 countries throughout the USA, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific with total billings in excess of $23 billion (source: RECMA).



Media investment management


regional & national media management
Content & barter
Econometric modelling
Media insight & research

World Headquarters

Mindshare - London London United Kingdom
Mindshare, Worldwide HQ - New York New York United States

Regional Headquarters

Mindshare, Asia Pacific HQ - Singapore Singapore Singapore
Mindshare India HQ - Mumbai Mumbai India
Mindshare, Latin America HQ - Miami Miami United States

Office Location Country
Mindshare - Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
Mindshare - Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Mindshare - Sydney Sydney Australia
Mindshare - Vienna Vienna Austria
Mindshare - Manama Manama Bahrain
Mindshare - Dhaka Dhaka Bangladesh
Mindshare - Brussels Brussels Belgium
Mindshare - Sofia Sofia Bulgaria
Mindshare - Phnom Penh Phnom Penh Cambodia
Mindshare - Montreal Montreal Canada
Mindshare - Toronto Toronto Canada
Mindshare - Santiago Santiago Chile
Mindshare - Beijing Beijing China
Mindshare - Chongqing Chongqing China
Mindshare - Fuzhou Fuzhou China
Mindshare - Guangzhou Guangzhou China
Mindshare - Shanghai Shanghai China
Mindshare - Bogota Bogota Colombia
Mindshare - Zagreb Zagreb Croatia
Mindshare - Prague Prague Czech Republic
Mindshare - Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark
Mindshare - Guayaquil Guayaquil Ecuador
Mindshare - Quito Quito Ecuador
Mindshare - Cairo Cairo Egypt
Mindshare - Helsinki Helsinki Finland
Mindshare - Paris Paris France
Mindshare - Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Germany
Mindshare - Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany
Mindshare - Athens Athens Greece
Mindshare - Guatemala City Guatemala City Guatemala
Mindshare - Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Mindshare - Budapest Budapest Hungary
Mindshare - Bangalore Bangalore India
Mindshare - Chennai Chennai India
Mindshare - Delhi Delhi India
Mindshare - Kochi Kochi India
Mindshare - Kolkata Kolkata India
Mindshare - Mumbai Mumbai India
Mindshare - Jakarta Jakarta Indonesia
Mindshare - Dublin Dublin Ireland
Mindshare - Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Israel
Mindshare - Milan Milan Italy
Mindshare - Rome Rome Italy
Mindshare - Verona Verona Italy
Mindshare - Tokyo Tokyo Japan
Mindshare - Amman Amman Jordan
Mindshare - Nairobi Nairobi Kenya
Mindshare - Seoul Seoul Korea (South)
Mindshare - Kuwait City Kuwait City Kuwait
Mindshare - Beirut Beirut Lebanon
Mindshare - Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Mindshare - Guadalajara Guadalajara Mexico
Mindshare - Mexico City Mexico City Mexico
Mindshare - Casablanca Casablanca Morocco
Mindshare - Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Mindshare - Oslo Oslo Norway
Mindshare - Karachi Karachi Pakistan
Mindshare - Lima Lima Peru
Mindshare - Makati City Makati City Philippines
Mindshare - Taguig Taguig Philippines
Mindshare - Warsaw Warsaw Poland
Mindshare - Lisbon Lisbon Portugal
Mindshare - San Juan San Juan Puerto Rico
Mindshare - Bucharest Bucharest Romania
Mindshare - Moscow Moscow Russia
Mindshare - Jeddah Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Mindshare - Riyadh Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Mindshare - Singapore Singapore Singapore
Mindshare - Bratislava Bratislava Slovakia
Mindshare - Cape Town Cape Town South Africa
Mindshare - Johannesburg Johannesburg South Africa
Mindshare - Barcelona Barcelona Spain
Mindshare - Madrid Madrid Spain
Mindshare - Colombo Colombo Sri Lanka
Mindshare - Gothenburg Gothenburg Sweden
Mindshare - Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
Mindshare - Zurich Zurich Switzerland
Mindshare - Taipei Taipei Taiwan
Mindshare - Bangkok Bangkok Thailand
Mindshare - Tunis Tunis Tunisia
Mindshare - Istanbul Istanbul Turkey
Mindshare - Kiev Kiev Ukraine
Mindshare - Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates
Mindshare - Atlanta Atlanta United States
Mindshare - Boston Boston United States
Mindshare - Chicago Chicago United States
Mindshare - Dallas Dallas United States
Mindshare - Denver Denver United States
Mindshare - Detroit Detroit United States
Mindshare - Los Angeles Los Angeles United States
Mindshare - Miami Miami United States
Mindshare - New York New York United States
Mindshare - Portland, OR Portland, OR United States
Mindshare - St Louis St Louis United States
Mindshare - Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay
Mindshare - Caracas Caracas Venezuela
Mindshare - Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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