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Worldmade is our brand idea, our creative philosophy, and a description of who we are. If we were to have a slogan, Worldmade would be it. However, we are looking for more than conceptual solutions, and so Worldmade is also a thing. In this case it’s a label. As products, films, art, inventions have denotations of where they were made, Worldmade denotes something that was made by JWT.

Worldmade is not just a statement of origin, it is a statement of how we at JWT approach strategy, ideas and the making of things. We make things inspired by the world. We find influence, interest and the spark of creativity in the many, various, predictable and unpredictable interactions that happen between the international people of JWT—that’s what makes us the extraordinary network of imagination that we are. Sometimes these things will be for, and inspired by, the world. At other times they will be things for one place infused with creativity from the world.

Worldmade signifies a “go” mentality. An approach to what we make that is rooted in great strategy and ideas, but also in agility, innovation and adventure. An approach that is happy to launch-and-learn, that abhors procrastination and delay.

Worldmade also defines JWT as a company. We have been shaped by our international growth, and our desire to embrace the world. Today, we are 10,000 diverse individuals with an unrivalled breadth of experience and cultural fluency.

Worldmade is a label of quality and inspiration and a demonstration of the world’s imagination poured into things of beauty and utility. This is the unique power we bring to clients and their brands, now and in the future.

Worldmade is JWT in action






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