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Grey is one of the ten largest advertising agencies in the world, with offices in over 83 countries. It has one overriding focus: to produce truly great creative work, to produce work that soars, makes us proud and fosters the brand relationship with consumers—work that helps our clients prosper. Grey Worldwide provides highly creative services including brand ideas and strategies, brand planning, creative development and production. Our agency is organized into four geographical units: North America; Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific and Latin America.





Brand ideas & strategies
Brand planning
Creative development

World Headquarters Location Country
Grey Corporate HQ - New York New York United States

Office Location Country
Ad Production - Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark
Atlas Communications Thailand - London London United Kingdom
Blu Grey - Safat Safat Kuwait
Brand Communications International Limited - Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Brand Communications (Shanghai) Limited - Shanghai Shanghai China
Brand Lab - Lima Lima Peru
Campaigns & Grey - Makati City Makati City Philippines
Carne - Lima Lima Peru
Circus Grey - Lima Lima Peru
Consell Werbeagentur GmbH - Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany
Contact Advertising - Nicosia Nicosia Cyprus
Dorland - Berlin Berlin Germany
Dyhr/Hagen - Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark
excentricGrey - Lisbon Lisbon Portugal
G3 Communications Pvt Ltd - Chennai Chennai India
GForce - Almaty Almaty Kazakhstan
GForce - Tashkent Tashkent Uzbekhistan
GRAM - Istanbul Istanbul Turkey
Gramm - Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Germany
Grey - Ahmedabad Ahmedabad India
GreyPossible - Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Grey - Athens Athens Greece
Grey - Atlanta Atlanta United States
Grey - Auckland Auckland New Zealand
Grey Aviavision - Beijing Beijing China
Grey Aviavision - Guangzhou Guangzhou China
Grey Aviavision - Shanghai Shanghai China
Grey - Baden Baden Switzerland
Grey - Bangalore Bangalore India
Grey - Bangkok Bangkok Thailand
Grey - Barcelona Barcelona Spain
Grey - Beijing Beijing China
Grey - Beirut Beirut Lebanon
Grey - Belgrade Belgrade Serbia
Grey - Bogota Bogota Colombia
GreyPossible - Brussels Brussels Belgium
Grey - Bucharest Bucharest Romania
Grey - Budapest Budapest Hungary
Grey - Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
Grey - Burbank Burbank United States
Grey - Cairo Cairo Egypt
Grey: C.A.M.P. Cebu - Cebu City Cebu City Philippines
Grey Canada - Toronto Toronto Canada
Grey Canada - Vancouver Vancouver Canada
Grey - Canberra Canberra Australia
Grey - Casablanca Casablanca Morocco
Grey - Chennai Chennai India
Grey - Colombo Colombo Sri Lanka
Grey - Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark
Grey - Delhi Delhi India
Grey - Dhaka Dhaka Bangladesh
Grey - Doha Doha Qatar
Grey DPI - Guangzhou Guangzhou China
Grey DPI - Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Grey - Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates
Grey - Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Germany
Grey - Geneva Geneva Switzerland
Grey - Guangzhou Guangzhou China
Grey - Gurgaon Gurgaon India
Grey - Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Grey - Helsinki Helsinki Finland
Grey - Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
GreyHome - Lisbon Lisbon Portugal
Grey - Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Grey - Istanbul Istanbul Turkey
Grey - Jakarta Jakarta Indonesia
Grey - Jeddah Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Grey KGM - Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
Grey - Kiev Kiev Ukraine
Grey - Kolkata Kolkata India
Grey - Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Grey - Lima Lima Peru
Grey - Ljubljana Ljubljana Slovenia
Grey - London London United Kingdom
Grey - Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg
Grey - Madrid Madrid Spain
Grey - Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Grey ME & North Africa - Beirut Beirut Lebanon
Grey - Mexico City Mexico City Mexico
Grey - Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay
Grey - Moscow Moscow Russia
Grey - Mumbai Mumbai India
Grey - Munich Munich Germany
Grey - New York New York United States
Grey - Paris Paris France
Grey - Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Grey - Riyadh Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Grey - Sandton Sandton South Africa
Grey - San Francisco San Francisco United States
Grey - San Juan San Juan Puerto Rico
Grey - Santiago Santiago Chile
Grey - Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil
Grey - Seoul Seoul Korea (South)
Grey - Shanghai Shanghai China
Grey Shopper - Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Germany
Grey - Singapore Singapore Singapore
Grey - Skopje Skopje Macedonia
Grey - Sofia Sofia Bulgaria
Grey StarEcho - Guangzhou Guangzhou China
Grey - Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
Grey - Sydney Sydney Australia
Grey - Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Israel
Grey - Tokyo Tokyo Japan
Grey - Vilnius Vilnius Lithuania
Grey - Warsaw Warsaw Poland
Grey - Zagreb Zagreb Croatia
Hundred Percent Film - Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark
Imagen Publicidad - Managua Managua Nicaragua
Inorek & Grey - Riga Riga Latvia
Inorek & Grey - Tallinn Tallinn Estonia
Insight Media Advertising - Accra Accra Ghana
jotabequ - San Jose San Jose Costa Rica
jotabequ - San Salvador San Salvador El Salvador
KGM Datadistribution AB - Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
KW43 Brand Design - Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Germany
La Fabrica & Jotabequ - Guatemala City Guatemala City Guatemala
Michael Vagedes - Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Prestige Communications - Karachi Karachi Pakistan
RC&M India - Delhi Delhi India
RC&M - Mumbai Mumbai India
SCP - Gothenburg Gothenburg Sweden
SEK & Grey - Helsinki Helsinki Finland
Talento Grey Publicidad - San Pedro Sula San Pedro Sula Honduras
Talento Grey Publicidad - Tegucigalpa Tegucigalpa Honduras
Uncle Grey - Aarhus Aarhus Denmark
Valdez & Torry Advertising - Woodbrook Woodbrook Trinidad
WMC Grey - Prague Prague Czech Republic

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