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About Direct Impact
For the past two decades, Direct Impact has been at the forefront of the grassroots communications industry, bringing a campaign-style approach to more traditional public outreach. Our history is rich and diverse – we have played a role in many of the major social and policy issues of the last two decades, including taxes, Medicare, defense and trade. We have also tackled some of the most pressing and complicated community-based challenges for our clients.
About Crowdverb
Founded in 2011, Crowdverb is a digital advocacy and mobilization firm that harnesses the power of web data to identify and recruit large numbers of advocates. Our proprietary technology platform and tool set allows us to listen, analyze and immediately take action on issues that could positively or negatively impact our clients. By analyzing and learning from this data, we have the ability to better strategize and target campaigns to improve cost effectiveness and overall results.
What We Do
Our communications ideology stems from beliefs about what truly inspires mobilization. We were founded on the principles of genuine community-driven outreach as the catalyst for any given movement. Today mobilization is morphing with technology, and communities are just as prolific online as they are in towns across the country. Now more than ever, no campaign is won without a hybrid strategy that includes traditional community outreach and complementary digital expertise. Combining Direct Impact’s on-the-ground field network with Crowdverb’s proprietary digital platform, we build on the strength of traditional grassroots outreach with technologies, data and tools to analyze and exponentially grow the power of local online.
We deliver:

Grassroots campaigns in every market in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom
Integrated on and offline strategies to influence and persuade audiences
The ability to move people by leveraging the power of local



Public relations & public affairs



Corporate reputation
Grassroots marketing
Issue advocacy
Legislative and regulatory affairs
Media relations
Public education and mobilization

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