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All of us at Dentsu, Y&R (DY&R) believe that communication surpasses any other corporate activity in importance. Every aspect of business imaginable—from consumer needs, preferences, values and purchasing habits to sales techniques, corporate strategies and business domains—is currently undergoing diversification and dispersion at a rapid pace. And the relationships between consumers and corporations are also changing and becoming more complex and nebulous. Communication is the only way to effectively nurture these relationships. This role played by communication in the business world remains unchanged regardless of the times.

We at DY&R offer communication best tailored to the times to realize our mission of helping our clients to grow, which we have been fulfilling since our establishment. We know that the growth of our company is synonymous with the growth of our clients. To realize this mutual growth, we establish strong ties with our clients and devote our full efforts to break through the boundaries of the conventional. It's a breakthrough for our company as well as for yours. And it's possible only by making the most of DY&R's resources and by implementing its innovative strategies and tactics.



Direct, digital, promotion & relationship marketing
Employer branding/recruitment
Entertainment marketing
Event/face to face marketing
Media & production services
Public relations & public affairs



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