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At CHI, we believe in The Power of &, the magic that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The Power of & is what happens when a real diversity of talent is brought together to find truly creative solutions to a client’s commercial challenge.

CHI was created in 2001, by three partners, Simon Clemmow, Johnny Hornby & Charles Inge. It was a familiar advertising team: planner, suit and creative; and though we say it ourselves, it worked pretty well.

Then the world became a more complicated place. People’s view of brands was transformed, first by the digital revolution, then by the financial meltdown, forcing businesses to think smarter and move faster than ever before.

This new world demanded a new kind of agency: versatile and nimble enough to meet clients' constantly evolving commercial challenges.

It led us to re-create CHI as CHI&Partners: a partnership of specialists from the full range of communications disciplines. From advertising to design, direct marketing to media planning and buying, it’s an agency with The Power of &: seamlessly integrated expertise ready to meet each new commercial challenge as it comes our way.

Our clients and The Power of &.

The Power of & is the benefit of an agency and client collaborating so closely together that you can’t spot the join.

We’ve always believed that a close, transparent partnership achieves much more. Always adapted as our clients’ needs have changed. Always enjoyed problem solving side-by-side with our clients. And always been convinced that a good idea doesn’t mind who had it. We put these tenets into practice when we come together to find the Big Idea for our clients’ brands.

The results are client relationships that we’re very proud of. Most of our clients have been with us for more than 5 years – and most of our growth is organic, as existing clients have continued to expand our remit with them as the agency has developed.

Big Ideas have The Power of &.

The Power of & is the success enjoyed by brands that have a clearly articulated Big Idea at the heart of everything they do.

In today’s complicated world, a brand’s Big Idea has become more important than ever.
By ‘Big Idea’ we mean those single, simple thoughts that organize and direct, capturing what a brand stands for and guiding where it goes next. At their best, these ideas inform much more than communications – they don’t just tell you what to say as a brand, they tell you how to behave as a business.

Ever since we started CHI, we made defining a brand’s Big Idea our priority, a process we’re happy to undertake on our own, but find is done best in collaboration with our clients.

The Power of & in practice.

The Power of & is the secret sauce in a comprehensive and inclusive approach to finding a brand’s Big Idea.

Marketing history over the last fifty years has seen a succession of approaches to Big Idea hunting: first, the search for the product truth or 'USP'; then, with growing commoditisation, the quest for consumer insight; next, as brands championed their values or leader's ethos, the answer lay in company culture; finally, as businesses coveted 'new market space', the Big Idea became their vision or corporate ambition.

The Power of & tells you to look in all of these places, that the most powerful Big Idea will be a synthesis of all of these things, and we’ve designed our approach to finding Big Ideas – the 4 circles process – accordingly. It's a process that can use the power of & to the full, in that it's at its best when done collaboratively with clients, partners and consumers.

We think of creative work as a brand’s opportunity to extend the power of & to its audience. We believe in the power of populist, 360-degree Big Ideas that real people love. So we judge everything we do on whether it captures the imaginations of cabbies down the pub and mums picking up the kids from school.



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