Corporate governance

The Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance and supports the provisions and principles set out in the Combined Code on Corporate Governance.

Throughout the year ended December 31 2014, the Company has in the Directors opinion, complied with the provisions of corporate governance set out in the UK Corporate Governance Code.

Key governance documents Board committees

Audit Committee | Terms of Reference 1 (pdf)
Membership: Roger Agnelli, Jacques Aigrain (chair), Charlene Begley, Hugo Shong, Sol Trujillo

Compensation Committee | Terms of Reference 2 (pdf)
Membership: Sir John Hood (chair), Roger Agnelli, Jacques Aigrain, Ruigang Li, Daniela Riccardi, Nicole Seligman, Hugo Shong, Timothy Shriver, Sol Trujillo, Roberto Quarta

Nomination and Governance Committee | Terms of Reference 3 (pdf)
Membership: Roger Agnelli, Charlene Begley, Ruigang Li, Hugo Shong, Timothy Shriver, Sally Susman, Roberto Quarta (chair)

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