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The impact of our work

Effective communication that educates the public, changes behaviour and promotes sustainable consumption will be essential to addressing many of the world's most pressing challenges - from climate change to the AIDS pandemic. We believe that the communications industry has an important role to play.

This Report profiles recent work by our companies in three areas:

  • Campaigns that promote our clients' green or ethical credentials.
  • Social marketing work that influences public attitudes and behaviour, such as campaigns to overcome prejudices about immigrant workers and to educate the public about healthy eating and food hygiene.
  • Cause-related marketing campaigns that link brands to charities.

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Case Study
Campaign: Campaign for Real Beauty
Client: Dove (a Unilever brand)
Agency: Ogilvy Toronto
Case study - Campaign for real beauty, Dove

Product advertising which uses photos of 'perfect' models has been shown to cause low self-esteem among young women (a contributory factor in many eating disorders). However, the images we see in the media are often heavily retouched to create an unreal and unattainable image of beauty.

More on 'Campaign for Real Beauty' (pdf)

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