Keeping European Commission decision-makers informed

Kantar Media, EU

Kantar Media keeps senior European Commission decision-makers up to date with critical news coverage. Early every morning, we deliver a concise summary of relevant news topics for the EC, from across the EU and major economies worldwide. The media coverage is carefully curated by media experts who pick the most influential content by hand overnight. The service is available on mobiles and includes brief summaries in English. As part of European services, we can also provide social media monitoring which includes metrics for engagement and sentiment.


European Commission


The main challenge is to organize and manage the delivery of relevant press coverage from 28 countries gathered within a single service for Brussels.

Campaigns and Activities

We created a dedicated, multilingual production team for the European Commission, comprised of 10 media experts based in Paris. They know the topics of interest of the EC like the back of their hand.


In the long term, the experience allows the team to speed the processes and deliver to EC within very short turnaround in digital format.

Lessons Learned

Our expertise in communicating across borders and cultures was a key component in this project: when working with such a large number of countries, making sure that everyone is on the same page and speaks the same language is essential.

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