eCitizen - a smart concierge for government services

Comwerks, Singapore

The eCitizen portal is an online guide to services offered by Singapore government agencies. However, the content provided by the various government agencies did not meet users' needs and was not based on user demand. Comwerks analysed datasets and used qualitative research to discover what citizens really wanted. We then revitalized the app, making it a truly useful 'smart concierge' for Singaporeans to access government services. 


Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore


We faced several challenges. Content on government websites was often presented from the government's own perspective, making it difficult to understand - eCitizen was no different. For issues that cut across multiple government agencies, it was a tedious process for citizens to piece together the information in a clear and actionable manner. Finally, a lot of the content provided on the eCitizen portal could easily be found on the main agency website, which made eCitizen feel redundant.

Strategy and Solution

We picked out the most popular search requests for government content, we analysed the phone support call logs from the various ministries and studied the types of email queries sent by the citizens. Based on the study, we identified content areas that were not adequately covered by the main government websites and/or spanned multiple agency websites.

We then crafted a range of new content to address these gaps. We created a "smart search bar" which transformed eCitizen into a smart concierge – an entity which researches and efficiently packages information to help users find what they need with greater ease.


  • eCitizen started to rank in the top 5 of search results for the most popular government related search terms.
  • 65% increase in website traffic within 12 months
  • Success rate of searches tripled
  • Page views rose to 267,000 a month (more than 70% increase)

'Just like to share that our briefing to PM and Ministers on the new eCitizen portal went well today. My sincere thanks to you and your team for rendering strong support in the preparation for this briefing over the last couple of months In particular, thanks Comwerks for fine tuning the content - the ability to show a 'live' demo was of great help as it enabled better appreciation of the work we do.'
- Ms. Ong Seok Leng, Senior Director (eGov Group), Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said at the eGov Global Exchange that the portal launched last year was motivated by a simple principle, that 'we must start with the information and services that customers want, and place what they want at the heart of our communications'.


Interactive Media Council Inc. awarded OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT in the GOVERNMENT category to eCitizen

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