'Flying Angel' to Promote Child Safety Seats

BPG Group, United Arab Emirates

BPG ran a campaign for the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) to encourage parents to use child safety seats in cars to reduce road injuries.


Abu Dhabi was working towards a law to make seat belts and child seats compulsory. But at the time, their use was still voluntary. The challenge was to increase the use of child seats in Abu Dhabi ahead of the new law. Without a firm law enforcing the use of child safety seats, and a society that was raised without use of child restraints in vehicles, we needed a public education campaign to encourage voluntary use of child safety seats by explaining the benefits and providing information on availability and costs.

Strategy and Solution

Our strategy was built on both web and print campaigns to drive the message.

We created a film, utilising existing child safety videos, to dramatically showcase the consequences of not using child safety seats. This video was distributed, with free child safety seats, to mothers who had just given birth and been discharged from the largest women’s hospital in Abu Dhabi.

The print campaign was based on a creative idea of angels. Every child is an 'angel' in the eyes of their parent. We know children love to ‘fly’ through the air for fun. Connecting these concepts, we created posters portraying a happy child as 'flying angel' up in the air. Below the image a message read: 'Kids love to fly for fun. Don't let them fly for real', followed by a small paragraph providing statistical evidence of how child seats save lives and reduce injuries in traffic accidents. This print enabled parents to easily relate to the message and reminded them of their role to ensure their children's safety through use of child seats in vehicles.


The child safety seat campaign was part of a larger campaign initiative based on new legislation aimed at putting seat belt and child saftey seat laws into effect. The passage of these laws has been delayed, and we will update on the results of the campaign once they become available.
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