Communications for Development

Kunal Sinha, Ogilvy Asia Pacific

Personal View from a Practitioner

I believe that we – communications and research professionals – can be the catalysts of change. 

We have entered the final sprint towards the Millennium Development Goals deadline in 2015. Looking back, there have been enormous advances in human development; and areas where we simply have not done enough, or have not done the right things. 

Today, governments, nonprofits and development agencies recognize that communication is a key weapon in the arsenal against poverty, disease and inequality. Working in partnership with governments, development agencies, nonprofits and citizens, we believe that communications agencies can be powerful agents of social change. 

Our mission? To apply human insight and creativity to help people to make small everyday choices that lead to better social outcomes.

In this article:
A personal view from a long-term Communications for Development practitioner on the role of communications in international development. The article draws on case studies from Tunisia, India and Myanmar. 

About the Author:
Kunal Sinha has 25 years experience in communications for development as a practitioner, researcher and educator. He is currently based in Shanghai and leads WPP's work for UNICEF globally. 


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