About us

WPP helps governments to achieve their public missions by communicating effectively. The Government & Public Sector Practice brings together our best thinking and expertise for policymakers and communicators in national and local government, public institutions and international organisations.

Effective communications is key to successful policymaking and public service delivery. Whether recruiting and motivating public sector staff; moving public services online; persuading citizens to make healthy choices; working towards Millennium Development Goals; or increasing voter turnout, governments need to understand and engage citizens.

Communications is one of the key levers in the policy mix alongside regulation and incentives. Communications should therefore be at the heart of the policymaking cycle - from formative research through creative execution to monitoring and evaluation. 

WPP is a world leader in marketing communications services, with 175,000 employees in 110 countries. WPP includes leading companies in advertising, media investment, social and market research, public relations and public affairs, branding and design, direct and digital marketing and field marketing.