Our companies advise clients on sustainability, help them to understand changing societal expectations and to communicate the social and environmental credentials of their products and services.

There is growing demand for these services, as major brands in both Western economies and fast-growing markets seek to embed social and environmental values into their products and services. Effective marketing is needed to help them communicate the benefits of their products to a wide audience – clearly and credibly.

Sustainable marketing represents an important and growing opportunity for WPP. It is one of the key ways that CR is aligned with and supports our business strategy.

We are developing a sustainability directory, to help us catalogue and communicate the sustainability expertise that exists across WPP companies, and to make it easier for our companies and clients to access this resource.

What we do

WPP companies in all disciplines are involved in sustainability marketing. This includes:

  • Research and insight – our research companies help clients to understand changing attitudes to social and environmental issues and the role of business and government in tackling these issues, and to test the impact of different sustainability communications approaches.
  • Branding and strategy – our companies work with clients to develop their sustainability strategies and to embed social and environmental values into their brands and marketing.
  • Consumer communications – our advertising, digital, and direct communications companies help clients to communicate credibly with consumers and business customers on sustainability issues and to promote the green or ethical credentials of their products and services.
  • Stakeholder communications – our PR and public affairs companies help clients to communicate with regulators, the media, NGOs and the public on sustainability issues.

A number of our companies have developed bespoke sustainability services for their clients. Current examples include Hill & Knowlton’s CR & Sustainability Communications offering, JWT Ethos, Kantar Sustainability, OgilvyEarth, P&G’s S-Team (including Added Value, Bridge, FITCH, G2, The Futures Company, Hill & Knowlton, Landor and Penn Schoen Berland); and PSB Green.

Some examples of sustainability in marketing campaigns by WPP companies in 2010 are summarised in the following pages.

More examples at www.wpp.com/wpp/cr/the-impact-of-our-work/case-study-database.htm.