Campaign: Future Friendly

Client: P&G
WPP company: Hill & Knowlton London

Procter & Gamble’s Future Friendly initiative aims to highlight environmental improvements to P&G brands and raise consumer sustainability awareness. The campaign was originally launched in 2007 in partnership with WPP companies Added Value and FITCH, today it runs in Europe and the US. Future Friendly supports P&G’s goal to sell $50 billion-worth of Sustainable Innovation Products – products that have demonstrated meaningful improvements to their environmental profile, with no trade-offs for consumers – by 2012.

In the UK, Hill & Knowlton has been working with P&G to raise the profile of Future Friendly through an awards scheme that provides financial support to community groups across the UK implementing sustainable activities.

In 2010, to further raise awareness Hill & Knowlton appointed two Future Friendly ambassadors to generate interest by discussing their green lifestyles and sharing their tips on how to live more sustainably. The ambassadors appeared in a range of high-profile media, and this was supported by a range of advertorials, print specials, social media outreach and an online partnership with the popular website, Mumsnet. Award winners were also featured in national and regional media.

To date Future Friendly has achieved 659 pieces of media coverage, with a combined reach of 611.1 million. It has helped to maintain P&G’s credibility in sustainability, and to raise the profile of local community groups on national scale.

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