Campaign: Bridging the Gap

Client: Mekong Trust
WPP company: Wunderman

Bridging the Gap Mekong Trust is a charity spearheaded by now-retired head of Wunderman Bangkok, Geoff Collins, and strongly supported by Wunderman chairman and CEO, Daniel Morel. The Trust aims to improve the education and potential employment prospects of underprivileged, isolated village children along the Mekong River in northern Laos.

In northern Laos, villagers live a subsistence lifestyle, isolated between the river and the jungle, with the river providing the only access to the outside world. There are no roads, no cars, no phones and no distributed electricity. Schools are often overcrowded and lack basic resources; many children use pieces of slate the size of CD cases and stubs of chalk to record their lessons.

In 2008, Wunderman began sponsoring the Trust’s school-building initiative in Ban Lad Hane. Once complete the school will be known as the Lester Wunderman School, in honour of Wunderman’s founder.

With Wunderman’s support, Bridging the Gap Mekong Trust will help provide the resources needed to teach children essential life skills and give them the opportunity to become self-empowered in their life choices and better equipped to prosper in jobs that will bring a stable income back to their families.

So far Wunderman has raised $17,500 for the Trust.The project aims to be completed by August 2011 and Lester has been invited to the school’s opening where 160 secondary students will attend school.

Bridging the Gap Bridging the Gap Bridging the Gap Bridging the Gap