Campaign: Piece of Responsibility (PoR)

Client: FREELAND Foundation
WPP company: JWT Bangkok

The FREELAND Foundation is the only Asia-based international NGO working across Asia to stop wildlife trafficking, conserve natural habitats and protect human rights. In 2010, JWT Bangkok created a public awareness campaign for the foundation entitled ‘Piece of Responsibility’ (PoR) which encouraged people to consider how their lives depend on nature and take action to protect it.

The pro bono campaign, worth $28,000, included posters, an interactive website and advertising on Bangkok’s Skytrain commuter train, educating people about the importance of environmental conservation and the impact of the illegal wildlife trade on our ecosystem. Since the campaign launched, the number of visitors to the FREELAND Foundation website has doubled. The campaign succeeded in drawing support from Marie Claire, Elle magazine, the Bangkok Post and Levi’s through donations and CSR support. A similar campaign has now been adopted in the Philippines.

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Piece of Responsibility Piece of Responsibility Piece of Responsibility Piece of Responsibility