Campaign: Undrinkable ‘Tea’

Client: The Lotus Light Charity
WPP company: Grey Hong Kong

Ten million people living in the arid regions of northwest China have little access to clean water. It is one of the driest regions in the world with an annual rainfall of about 300mm and an annual evaporation rate as high as 1,500-2,000mm. The Lotus Light Charity, a group that builds water cellars, works to help alleviate this situation.

In 2009, Grey Hong Kong created an award winning campaign – ‘umbrella bags’ for The Lotus Light Charity. The umbrella bags featured either a bucket, a glass or a bowl graphic and were placed in public stands in Hong Kong. As rainwater filled the bags, shoppers got the message that drops of rainwater could alleviate the drought in northwest China.

In 2010, Grey Hong Kong worked pro bono for The Lotus Light Charity distributing specially-designed tea bags filled with mud to urge city dwellers to donate. When placed in a cup of clean water, the teabag quickly turned the water into a muddy mixture, highlighting the contamination of drinking water in China and the reality for many people living in northwest China.

To date the tea-bag campaign has helped provide clean water to over 20,000 people in northwest China and this number is set to increase as distribution continues in 2011.

The pro bono campaign was worth $30,000 in agency time.

Undrinkable ‘Tea’