Campaign: One Week For Water

Client: One Campaign
WPP company: VML Kansas City

In March 2011, 25 NGOs and charitable organisations came together to activate a social media campaign to celebrate Water Day and raise awareness of the millions of people who don’t have access to safe water and sanitation.

VML partnered with, a US-based non-profit organisation committed to providing safe drinking water to people in developing countries, to create the One Week For Water website which invited people to ‘donate’ their voice on Twitter or Facebook.

Each day for a week, simple messages were posted to user accounts helping to raise awareness of this important issue. Examples of posting include:

  • “The water I have in my toilet is cleaner than nearly a billion ppl have to drink.”
  • “More people have cell phones than a toilet. Let’s change this.”
  • “Water is life. Let’s solve the crisis with sustainable solutions.”

People could then follow the #water2011 hashtag on Twitter, or visit the real-time reporting system online. Over the campaign period received 40,215 visitors and 4,250 individuals donated their voice to the campaign. Tweets posted by the campaign were re-Tweeted approximately 5,400 times and VML estimates the campaign generated 11.3 million impressions for the water crisis. In total the pro bono campaign was worth $36,000 in agency time.

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