We encourage our operating companies to purchase environmentally-preferable products and services and to set up waste and recycling contracts. In 2010, we launched an internal Global CR Charter with the goal of implementing preferred suppliers in each of our major markets for the following key areas – procurement of recycled paper, recycling/reusing (paper, office waste, IT waste) and buying green electricity. We are approximately one third of the way through implementation.

Sustainable paper

Our target is to source 50% of the paper we use for copying and printing from recycled sources by 2015. We have preferred paper suppliers in 89% of our major markets which our companies are encouraged to use, many of which now provide paper and paper products with recycled content.


of paper used for copying and printing to come from recycled sources by 2015

On average, in 2010, 32% of the paper purchased by WPP companies from our preferred paper suppliers contained recycled content. In China the total was 11%, India 13%, South Africa 78%, the UK 30%, and the US 72%.


of paper purchased by WPP companies in 2010 contained recycled content

(2009: 36%)

Sustainable office furniture and carpet

We have set up procurement contracts with furniture and carpet suppliers to ensure the products we purchase come from regional and sustainable sources and can be disposed of in a responsible manner.

We have chosen carpet suppliers that focus on reducing the amount of carpet sent to landfill by:

  • Recycling old carpet materials back into carpet production.
  • Recycling old carpet into alternative uses such as building materials.
  • Refurbishing old carpet into new carpet tiles.

We have chosen furniture suppliers that provide products:

  • With a high recyclable content.
  • That are manufactured from recycled products.
  • That use timber sourced from certified sustainable forests.
  • That opt for low-VOC paints and adhesives.
  • That come from environmentally-responsible manufacturers.

In 2011, we plan to pilot a new approach to increasing the reuse of furniture in the UK. It will involve setting up a website where our companies and charities can view and post details of surplus furniture and fittings.