WPP’s personal and network IT equipment accounts for a large proportion of our energy use. We have introduced requirements to improve the energy efficiency of our IT equipment. This means that:

  • All new IT equipment must comply with our power consumption standards for desktops, laptops and servers.
  • Only approved devices can be purchased.
  • Power management features must be enabled on all IT equipment.

Using server virtualisation and energy-efficient blade-based server technology, we aim to achieve up to a 40% reduction in power consumption for key IT applications. Successfully piloted in 2009 with the Group financial reporting IT systems, this combined approach is being adopted as standard for server installations and upgrades.

Managing print

In 2010, we continued to implement our managed print program to reduce the amount of energy, ink, toner and paper used by our printers. The program involves:

  • Combining copiers, printers and scanners in one device.
  • Removing printers from desks to a central location and minimising the number of printers in use.
  • Implementing default settings to save energy, ink, toner and paper (e.g. double-sided printing and black and white settings).
  • Implementing ‘follow me printing’. This means that print jobs will only be delivered when people swipe a key card on the printer, reducing the number of unwanted print jobs.
  • Introducing software to prevent waste through poor formatting.
  • Reducing waste in procurement of ink, toner and paper.
  • Negotiating recycling arrangements with manufacturers of ink and toner cartridges.

The program, now covering more than 13,000 employees, typically helps us to achieve savings of 20-30% on paper, toner and energy use in each office. In 2011 we will continue to expand our managed print program across key markets. Ultimately we aim to extend it to all suitable locations around the Group, covering 70% of employees.