In 2010, our carbon footprint was 261,004 tonnes of CO2, an increase of 4% over 2009. Our carbon footprint per head was 2.51 tonnes, down 1.7% on 2009 and 23% lower than 2006.


tonnes of COemitted in 2010

(2009: 252,111)

Graph of Carbon footprint


tonnes of COgenerated per person in 2010

(2009: 2.55)

The main contributors to our carbon footprint are office energy use (54%) and business air travel (33%). The footprint of our offices reduced by 1.4% in 2010 but emissions from air travel increased by 12.8% reflecting the upturn in business as the global economy emerged from recession.

When calculating our carbon footprint we rate renewable electricity as zero emissions.

If the renewable energy we purchase globally is rated as using the same emissions factors as standard grid electricity, as recommended in the UK, our total carbon footprint in 2010 was 289,767 tonnes of CO2.