We draw on the talents and creativity of the Group’s employees to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

The geographical footprint of our business is changing, as we expand our presence in fast-growing economies and maintain or reduce our presence in more established markets. The skills we need are changing too as we grow key areas of business such as digital and insight. We need to create a mobile, international workforce with the right skills and outlook to meet the changing needs of our clients in all our markets. There is strong competition for talent in our industry and we anticipate this will increase.

To enable us to recruit the best, WPP companies invest a significant proportion of revenues in developing and rewarding our people. They offer competitive remuneration and innovative, high-quality training and development programs. The Group and its companies are committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture where people from all backgrounds can flourish. We believe that a reputation for environmental and social responsibility enhances the appeal of our companies to prospective recruits.


WPP employees (including associates)

(2009: 138,000)

WPP’s chief talent officer, Mark Linaugh, and our talent team assist our operating companies to attract, develop and retain our talent. Human resources policies are agreed and implemented at operating company level. WPP employs over 146,000 people (including employees in our associate companies) in almost 2,400 offices in 107 countries.


offices in 107 countries worldwide

  GRI indicators covered in this section: 2.10, 4.8, 4.13, 4.16, LA1, LA2, LA10, LA11, LA13.