Regular communication helps our people in all markets to keep up to date with Group news and changes in the business. We encourage employees to provide feedback through regular surveys. Communications channels include:

  • WPP’s public website (, Group intranet site, social media channels and professional knowledge communities.
  • WPP’s multi-award-winning global newspaper and eBook, The WIRE; WPP’s public monthly online news bulletin – e.wire.
  • WPP’s annual journal of original thinking, the Atticus Journal.
  • The WPP Reading Room, an extensive online library of thinkpieces (both public and original) from WPP professionals worldwide.
  • Our multi-award-winning Annual Report & Accounts, financial statements and this report, which are distributed across the Group and are available on our websites.
  • Regular FactFiles profiling specialist services and resources within the Group.
  • Regular communication on Group initiatives such as the Worldwide Partnership Program, BrandZ™, the Atticus Awards, the WPPED Cream awards, the WPP Marketing Fellowship Program and professional development workshops.
  • Periodic reports from Sir Martin Sorrell on topics of importance.
  • Formal and informal meetings at operating company level.

Our companies keep in touch with our people’s views through regular opinion surveys. These cover issues such as ethics, training, wellbeing and corporate responsibility. In 2010, results relating to these issues from surveys covering around 30% of all employees, included:

% Employees who agreed
Attracting and retaining people with a diverse background is encouraged at my location 74
I have the opportunity for personal development and growth at this company 61
My work schedule allows me sufficient flexibility to meet my personal/family needs 60
Generally we are encouraged to be ‘green’ in our office 60
My performance in my job is evaluated fairly and regularly 59
My company is trying to cut its carbon footprint 58
The support my company gives to charities and good causes is appropriate 58