Whis report describes WPP’s corporate responsibility activities in the calendar year 2010 and the first quarter of 2011. It is our ninth report.

Data relates to the calendar year 2010. Most CR data is collected quarterly through our financial reporting system. This includes data on energy and CO2 from our buildings, air travel, social investment, employment infringements, employee diversity, training and wellbeing, recycling and paper use. The data covers 104,052 employees from wholly-owned WPP companies.

We identify marketing infringements involving WPP companies from public reports by regulatory authorities and directly from WPP businesses through our financial reporting system.

Case studies for this report are collected through an annual survey of our companies. Each WPP company has nominated a CR representative who is responsible for completing this survey of CR activity. Completed surveys are signed off by the company CEO before submission to WPP.

For further information about WPP’s CR activities, please contact Vanessa Edwards, head of Corporate Responsibility: vedwards@wpp.com.

About the images

In recent years, WPP’s Corporate Responsibility Reports have drawn inspiration from markets important to our clients and our companies. This year we take our visual cue from Eastern Europe (one of the faster- growing regions of the world) and feature the vibrant work of the acclaimed Czech artist, KvÄ›ta Pacovská.

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