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We encourage our people to meet via video conferencing, avoiding the cost and environmental impact of travelling to meetings. We are setting up facilities in key cities around the world. By the end of 2009, we had set up 40 shared high-definition videoconferencing units around the world which can be used by any WPP company. In 2010 we will install another 35 shared units, bringing the total to 75 shared sites.

In 2009 we launched a videoconferencing search and booking system on the WPP intranet which includes a carbon calculator to show the amount of CO2 avoided by using videoconferencing rather than flying to a meeting.

In the first four months since the service was launched in September 2009, our companies held 1,853 hours of meetings via videoconference using the shared units. We do not track data for use of videoconferencing units owned and operated by individual companies. In 2010 we will continue our communications plan to raise awareness and increase use of the facilities.

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